Hat’s Happening!!
Raj, Rerun, Dwayne and even Dee help Shirley realize her dream of becoming the neighborhood’s first black miliner.
That’s Happening!!
Raj, Rerun and Dwayne become trendsetters when their magazine “Happening!!” takes off while Shirley and Dee handle printing and distribution. (Shirley Hemphill and Haywood Nelson have committed)

The Walnuts
John Boy and Mary Ellen finally strike it rich when wild walnuts are found on the family’s farm just before it becomes repossessed. The two decide to marry as their other siblings have all died of poverty by this point.

After declaring bankruptcy and closing the depot, Louie goes to work for the I.R.S. to pay off his massive debt to the Federal Government after a lifetime of tax evasion.

One Way At A Time
To send her girls to college, Ann Romano becomes a traffic cop for the city of Indianapolis. (Pat Harrington and McKenzie Phillips have committed)

After Mel fires the entire staff, Alice and Flo learn black magic to exact revenge on him. (Vic Tayback and Polly Holiday have committed)

Chico and the Map
Old man Brown dies, leaving Chico a treasure map supposedly leading to his horde of vintage car parts. (Scatman Carruthers has committed)

Rhoda Morgenstern decides to star in Carlton the doorman’s adult films, much to the chagrin of ex-husband Joe. (Valerie Harper has not returned our phone calls but David Groh has expressed interest)

After pissing off everyone in her community, Maude Findlay so impresses the local mafia that she becomes a made woman, and runs for mayor with Walter as her campaign advisor. However, the town of Tuckahoe isn’t ready for a “made,” female mayor. Too bad! (Bill Macy has expressed interest)