One time I was drivin’ and I coughed and some blood sprayed the inside of the windshield and I was like “whoops,” ya know?
Then imaginin’ my lungs or my colon turnin’ into meat strawberries and the taste of blood in my mouth made me gag.
A little came up but I kept it in my mouth ’cause I didn’t want to puke blood all over myself and I was on the interstate so I couldn’t just pull over either.
But then more came up and I could just barely hold it and a little got out the sides of my mouth and I looked down and saw blood on my shirt and on my lap.
If I rolled down the window to spit it out the wind would just blow it back, and I couldn’t slow down cause I was doin’ 75 so I’m drivin’ with a mouthful of puked up blood, ya know?
Hoping that’s it or else I’ll need wipers for the inside of the car.
And then I guess I blacked out and crashed ’cause they said I was in a coma for a few weeks but I thought I was working at Taco Hell the whole time.