“How bad is it?”
“We have to get back to the ship!”
“Keep running!”
“How bad is it?!”
“You’ve got a breach but if we-”
“They’re coming! We need to hurry, gentlemen! Hup two!”
“Where? Where am I hit?”
“Doubletime back to the ship. That’s an order!”
“How bad is it? Ahh! I can feel it!”
“Don’t think about it! Just run!”
“Hup two!”
“They’re catchin’ up!”
“I can feel it burning!”
“Fight it, soldier! The human mind is capable of so much more!”
“It burns!”
“It’s in your head, Jimmy. You couldn’t feel it in this atmosphere if you wanted to.”
“I can feeeeeel it! I gotta get these off!”
“No! Stop him, sergeant! That’s an order!”
“Help me take this off!”
“No you cant take it off!”
“Jimmy, you can’t! You’ll die!”
“It’s burning!”
“They’ll eat you!”
“Tough it out, corporal!”
“Wait where are you going? Come back!”
“Jimmy! No!”
“Sir we have to go!”
“All right, then. You all go back. I’ll go after him.”
“Colonel, no!”
“It’s suicide!”
“We’ve got to go!”
“Now, colonel!”
“We can’t help him! We have to go now!”
“Here they come!”