Miami Rice
Tired of chasing degenerates, Tubbs and Crockett decide to open their own Asian restaurant in the heart of Miami.

Rowing Pains
Desperate to keep the Seaver family together, dad Jason enters them in a boating competition. (Kirk Cameron has expressed interest)

The Greatest American Hoe
Ralph uses his superpowers to become the country’s best farmer, even designing his own gardening tools.

The Fall Gut
Colt bemoans the fact that, no matter how much stunt work he gets, he can’t seem to avoid putting on a few pounds every autumn.

Perfect Stranglers
In order to stay in Chicago, Balky and Larry make ends meet by becoming killers for hire. (Bronson Pinchot has committed)

Quantum Ape
After years of time traveling, the strain slowly transforms Dr. Beckett into a semi-intelligent simian.