The AM-Team
After being de commissioned, the team find themselves doing traffic and weather on the morning radio beat. (Mr. T has committed)

Hill Street Glues
With crime eradicated and the station permanently closed, the gang all decide to turn the space into a horseglue factory.

Think Rider
After being totally rebuilt, KITT becomes all knowing, causing it to do naught but ponder the universe in all its complexities.

Who’s Thy Boss?
After Samantha and Jonathan fiddle with the fabric of spacetime, Tony, Angela and Mona wind up in the middle ages. (Tony Danza has committed)

Maddie and David decide to redo the entire office with romantic, energy saving LED lighting. (Bruce Willis contingent on Cybil Shepherd)

Magnum P.U.
Higgins finally has enough of Thomas’ intolerable behavior and assigns him to permanent doggie duty cleaning up after Zeus and Apollo.