Sitar Trek
Kirk, Scotty, Bones, Uhura and even Spock decide to spend a year on Omicron Ceti III unwinding and breathing in spores.

Hogan’s Shores
Colonel Hogan now lives in Miami, Florida where he and Klink, Newkirk and Carter build themselves a small beachside barracks and reminisce.

F Proof
Comatose after getting an arrow shot through his head, a re-awakened Agarn struggles to find any documented evidence that the old outpost ever existed from an uncooperative federal government.

The Muensters
Eddie and Marilyn open up the finest artisan cheese shop in Mockingbird Heights using grampa’s secret formulas and Spot’s fire breathing to create their spooky one of a kind specialties.

McHale’s Van
After retiring a full commander, McHale now spends his days restoring his pride and joy, a 1955 Chevy panel van with tv, kitchen and fold-down water bed.

Get Marty
Maxwell Smart is now Marty Sharp but he’s still Don Adams, and that’s good enough for us! (Don Adams has not returned our phone calls)