“We’re live in three..two…”
The president turns toward the camera.
“Good evening America. In my hand I hold the answer we as a nation have been working toward.”
Attendants out of view study their stopwatches.
“Our vaccine is safe.”
Makeup artists move silently toward the president.
“Six months.”
Video montages begin playing over her words.
“That’s how long it’s been since I received this vaccine.”
A flurry of motion commands her face as her hair and makeup are adjusted.
“It was almost too late. I was almost too far gone. But it worked. It saved me!”
She watches her monitor as the montages continue.
“And no side effects!”
The television crew quickly regains their positions off screen before the director cuts back to her.
“I’m here to tell you it’s safe! I’m here to tell you we’re gonna beat this thing!”
A second group makes their way silently toward the president.
“It’s safe and we made enough for everyone!”
Several attendants reset their stopwatches as the director dissolves to a segment documenting the companies who manufactured the vaccine.
“Our great scientific community collaborated in every laboratory across the country.”
Bloody tears are wiped from the president’s right eye while a black pus is forced back up her left nostril with a pencil.
“Every man and woman at the lab right here in D.C. has worked tirelessly over the last year to make this as safe and effective as possible.”
The director switches back to the live camera for a closeup just after makeup artists reset the president’s face.
“There’s nothing to fear. It’s completely safe.”
A biohazard technician collects the soiled tissues, pencil and gloves from the crew and seals them in a small ziploc bag.
“America, your future is waiting.”