Just as you look up from the speedometer you see an object ahead on the left side of the road.
Whatever it is it’s big enough to be avoided so you slow down and check your rear view mirror.
No one.
As you get closer you see the black mound is a big duffel bag.
Looking in all directions, you pull over and hop out.
It’s early in the morning so there are no other cars, just a low truck rumble in the distance.
You walk up to the bag and give it a poke with your boot.
It’s fairly heavy.
You pull the zipper a bit just to peek inside.
What you see makes your heart skip a beat so you close it up and take it back to your car.
You put it behind the front seat and drive away, once again checking your rear view.
No one.
Your heart is pounding as you consider what you’ve done.
If anyone was watching they’ve got you dead to rights.
If not, then whoever lost it is gonna come looking for it.
You manage to make it through the whole work day without telling anyone or going out to your car.
Finally you drive home, your mind filled with questions and plots.
Convinced no one was following, you pull into your driveway.
Once it gets dark you go out to the car.
You pick the bag up from behind the front seat.
Turning back, you reach in and take the blood stained floormat with you as well.