mushrooms grow in the hole I found.
it’s not very deep. I just about fit my whole arm in there.
when I first reached in it was like someone turned off the lights.
it’s warm in there. in the hole. warm like tea on a summer day.
after they pulled me out my arm hurt a lot. it still hurts if I think about it. but not otherwise I guess.
it had just rained, so my whole front was wet from the ground.
reaching into the hole was like pushing through sand but it was just wet leaves and pine needles. and maybe some bugs.
I still can’t move my arm too much, just a little up and down.
somehow, after I reached as far as I could into the hole, I only remember everybody leaning over me asking if I’m okay.
I’m not sure what happened. or what’s in there. or if I really even touched the bottom.
maybe it goes deeper than my arm. when I reached all the way in I felt something solid. at least I think I did.
they tell me not to think too much about it. to try and get some rest.
but when I close my eyes it isn’t dark.
all I can see is the hole.