I Blavdak, I’m uncle Kolyas. You is he with? In your’e email number. On his computer for sending.
You no worry, I teach him the fast foods. Macdonals, Wennys, Burgers King, Fives guy,the TacoBalls,Sonck the Red Robbert. Every delicious!
the USA burger meats so good. So happy sitting hot fast bun! very cold soda drink, ice cup, thick “shake”, eat with spoon. make Blavdak hurt in head! ha ha
you know Kolya from before being in Russia? I practice raise him from little mal’chik to big travel man America.
the girl not wanting travel stay home with. Inessa ask Blavdak help find Kolya but I help.
have eating pizza pies? so cheese , the crustsauce! Wehn America I was eating “hot dog”, the pizza.
pizza eat on corner, glass window no chair? very crowded places, so good the bread cheese!
hear listen, comrade. Blavdak never has forget the burgers clown, red fuzzy hair. big red shoe. and purple monster, fat round hair. scare Blavdak! on internet say Barney? who is Barney? very scare Blavdak! to young kids!but so food delicious.
but I have question. what is this hambugler?? he steal foods? very short, wereing mask. him criminal, da? you arrest? call KGB?
Oven food make quick hot good. Press buttons yay! AMerica is take my hat off good!
I stay you too? Eh? come to America, da? you let come?
friend Blavdak