Some went mad when they pulled it out of the water, all shiny and dark. They imagined what it was, what it had done.
Others killed themselves, or each other, afraid of what it would do to them, what it was already doing.
They say just looking at it can kill you. Plus the sound it makes, like your ears tearing themselves off your head.
I think it came from Mars. Or somewhere even farther. Some other dimension, sharp and cold, where nightmares are scared to go.
A lot of people tried to stop me but it’s mine now. I keep it covered with one of those aprons they give you when you get an xray.
It’s under ultraviolet light.
It likes that.
It also likes the temperature right around 47 degrees Fahrenheit.
So far I’ve shown it to three people.
One didn’t believe me so I had to show her. She didn’t listen when I told her not to look at it.
One found out and tried to steal it. I didn’t do anything to either of them. They did it to themselves.
And now you. You’re the third.
Will you be stronger than the others and look away? Will you listen to my voice and not the searing fire in your head?
It wants to share its gifts with us. It wants us to receive its light.
I want to show it to you.
Do you want to see it?