Oh let me tell you cousin it’s been a heckuva ride but we’re here!! I knew the parking lots would be great but they’re in fact AWESOME!!!

We made it past the construction and the monitor lizards but that was just to get out of the house. You remember Lucio with his contraptions? Well as of this writing he’s taken over your old room on the roof, and Ma says “you dern well kill them sons o’ bitches” in her dry rasp! She truly is a treasure. One day you’ll have to come out here for a visit and we can finally move her inside the house and into a proper bedroom like we talked about that time at the reunion.

The car was fine, you were right, it made it, and I’m glad you and Grannie stole it for me. I apologize for what I called you, and where I kicked you, and tell Grannie I’m sorry but I heard ribs heal fast. She’ll be back at her job in the Navy in no time.

We made it in 3 hours, which isn’t bad for a 600 mile trip. That’s like 800 mph! I let my youngest drive as you know, now as then, so honey and I had enough time to “act married” in the back seat, which was awkward, because of the car seat, but there’s no other place to put a 3yo, so we made do. Love-do.

Eudora you’ve got to see this place! I haven’t even gone inside yet and already I love it more than anything ever. Nothing could ever fill me with even the tiniest amount more than the love I feel for this yarnery. I want to quit my job and come here and move here and come here and work here and come here.

I’m going in now cuzz. See ya at Easter beach! Give Winchwill my wuv and tell Mawpop he’s tops.