Every day the animal kingdom tears itself apart, killing each other in countless struggles for survival. This cruel, inhuman savagery continues to break up families and destroy communities.

Right now, thousands of animals are dying for lack of food or water that we take for granted. Hundreds die of simple infections or from wounds received just trying to stay alive.

But you can do something. You can stop this needless slaughter. You can make a difference today.

With your help, Save The Animals will provide water and nutritious sustenance to wild animals all over the Earth, feeding these suffering starving animals and providing much needed medical attention to untold numbers of innumerable species.

Operation Meat Drop is currently underway across parts of Africa and Asia. We are currently hard at work on “sub-nurse-ible” subs to care for our underwater friends and we are one step closer to being able to feed the tubeworms that live near hydrothermal vents.

Your contribution can save a hungry old jackal or a just born python.

Please donate now and help us Save The Animals.