God Times
With her husband and children all either moved out or deceased, a solitary Florida turns to the scriptures, even taking superintendent “Booger” Bookman into her bed and finding some measure of comfort there. (Esther Rolle and Johnny Brown have committed; however, not on CBS’ projected fall lineup)

Sanford and Song
After Fred finally has the big one, middle-aged Lamont sets his lifelong memories to music and fulfills his dream of singing on Broadway (with Aunt Esther and Grady in tow, of course!)

Forced to resign after too many bystander fatalities, the former S.W.A.T. team turns to critter control and get to keep using their assault weapons on tiny vermin as exterminators for the city of Los Angeles.

The Love-Bot
Former cruise director Julie finally becomes cruise pleasure-bot Jewel-E, where she can now truly, deeply satisfy each and every passenger in the second deck “Dream Room” where “wet dreams cum true.” (Lauren Tewes a hard no; we are currently in talks with Tanya Roberts) (coming soon to ABC’s Saturday late-nite lineup)

Al In The Family
After Edith’s death, Archie closes the bar and welcomes his late wife’s youngest brother Al into his rapidly shrinking circle of living relatives. (we are currently in talks with Sally Struthers)

Welcome Black, Kotter
When Julie Kotter and Freddie “Boom Boom” Washington become an item, Mr. Woodman must keep the school together while Gabe is cuckolded within an inch of his life!
Welcome Black Kotter
When Gabe’s long-lost African-American step-brother (“from anutha muthaBLEEPa”) takes a teaching job at the same Brooklyn high school, Mr. Woodman has to keep his cool (and the school together) while Gabe, Julie and the new class of “sweathogs” (with fan favorite Ron “Horshack” Palillo returning!) make us laugh.

Trees Company
Due to overwhelming fan mail requests, the popular ABC series is sending Chrissie out on her own into the woods with the same seven burly men she also lives with as she hilariously tries to hold her own working with a crew of hunky lumberjacks in the California foothills.

Charlie’s Anglers
Focusing on the later years of our three little girls from the police academy, Jill, Kelly, and Sabrina (now retired, married mothers all) live out their lives in the great wide open in the witness protection program, fishing, gardening, and raising their families all while trying not to “interfere” with Sheriff Bosley’s investigations! (David Doyle has committed)