Diane leads the Cheers drunks in a nude acting troupe to pay off all their bar tabs. (George Wendt has committed; Frank Ratzenberger contingent on Shelly Long)

After Alf has a fatal encounter with all the neighborhood’s cats, the family assemble the remaining pieces as best they can.

Family Tires
It’s capitalism vs socialism as Alex and Mallory take over their distant uncle’s rubber factory. (Justine Bateman contingent on Michael J. Fox)

Boom Buddies
Kip and Henry decide to give up dressing like women and go into the dynamite business. (Tom Hanks has not returned our phone calls)

Fate & Allie
After Kate is accidentally poisoned by bad catering, Allie lives in fear of her time being next.

Silver Snoopy
Ricky breaks open his piggy bank and buys a lifesized, solid silver statue of his favorite cartoon canine.