I Dreamt Of Jeannie
A now institutionalized Major Nelson tries to convince doctors he isn’t crazy but did marry a crazy hot genie, bottle and all! (Bill Daly has committed)

Gillian’s Island
Gillian, the daughter of the professor and Mary Ann, is the sole survivor on everyone’s favorite tropical island after Lovey accidentally poisons herself and the others by way of an alcoholic drink made with fermented coconut juice.

Green Scars
Traumatized by their rural experiences, Oliver and Lisa move back to Manhattan and start therapy, but sharing a small apartment only reminds them of why they left the farm! (Eva Gabor has expressed interest)

My Favorite Martini
Tim, a raging alcoholic since losing his Martian friend Uncle Martin to the Intergalactic Bureau, now tells his unlikely “harboring an actual alien” stories from a bar stool.

After a troop of gorillas invade the Cartwright ranch, Ben and his family find themselves running a more profitable plantain plantation.

My Three Tons
Robbie, Chip and Ernie go into the scrap yard business with Uncle Charlie and his lunch wagon close by!