Damn you father, for you have sinned
You have broken every promise.
Violated every vow.
No more.
Your victims rise up this night.
They crowd your thoughts and strangle your will.
They choke your cries much like you once choked theirs.
You will find them in every corner, behind every door.
They invade your dreams. They call you out.
You cannot run. There is no safe place for you and your evil kind.
Destroyer of lives, you have been marked.
You have been seen.
You are known.
They’re coming for you.
Silently in the dark.
Stealthily in the light.
There is no escape. No sanctuary.
You have brought evil into the most sacred of houses.
You have perverted your vows and made a mockery of your calling.
Do you feel them now? Their icy fingers around your pitiful throat?
Do you feel them pulling at your tongue? The same tongue that uttered blasphemies and cowardly lies?
Now they are ripping at your skin, tearing out the very veins that once carried your shamed blood.
Now when you run screaming you leave a crimson trail that tells all of them where to find you.
Do not try to atone. There is no forgiveness for what you have done.
Do not plead for mercy. Did your victims not beg? Did you not silence them with your filth?
Death is no respite. Death itself rejects you in your selfish attempts to escape your fate.
Only when they’ve had their way with you will you be allowed to perish.
Only when you’ve been made to feel ten thousand times over the pain you have cruelly inflicted on others will there be the possibility of death.
Only when they are through with you.
Only then will you truly contend with the results of your actions.
An eternity of suffering awaits you.
The very eternity you once warned others against.
It will welcome and consume you.
It will finally make you its own.