My bellyache, dandruff, gingivitis and pancreatitis make it hard for me to keep up with my blood pressure medication and iron supplements, and I tend to neglect my antipsychotics which usually results in me forgetting to take my insulin.
So when my diabetic cramps render me blind and vomiting, I listen to the voices in my head and reach for Clorizan.
Nine out of seven users experienced a marked decrease in symptoms relating to toothcramps, spinal psychosis and Manichaeism within the first few minutes of taking Clorizan. Most of those who participated in trials reported a more better feeling, as well as a lessening of mental pressures (such as having to think or move) and improved reading constipation.
If you take inhibitors to control your rages, don’t worry- you can mix Clorizan with almost anything,* including all your proagulants and liver thinners, even if you wear a heart brace! Clorizan is the industry leading number one prescribed betalucent among adults ten to seventy. Clorizan is the catch-all for both your hangups and your letdowns, so put on your buying pants and get your FREE sample today! (while supplies last. see your local grocer. not available in all languages.)
Clorizan may cause pardoning of the arteries, dying feeling, dearth of basic bodily functions, grotesqueness of countenance, some rapid onset cancers, Agnostic leanings, and leprosy. Don’t take Clorizan if you have recently yawned or if you have lungs. Clorizan can cause majesty in patients genetically predisposed to jingoism. Don’t sell bicycles or play cricket while using Clorizan as this has been known to lead to poker face. May cause metaphysical paranoia, lack of boredom, difficulty living and eyesores. Some users reported mild day terrors, unrealistic goals, obsessive interest in motor oils, uncontrollable shrieking, and a fondness for wombats.
Side effects may include loss of tongue, shortness or longness of breath, dogbrain, inelegance of toilet, acquired birth defects and dropsy.
Avoid all roughhousing including tomfoolery and horseplay until you know how Clorizan affects your sense of scale with regards to space and spatial objects (i.e. everything around you). Children shouldn’t use or smell Clorizan due to the low but serious risk of kidney pimples. Pets under 2 years of age shouldn’t play with Clorizan unless it’s just too super cute, and then for only as long as it takes to snap a pic.
Clorizan is new and improved, with significant decreases in catastrophic bleeding events, late night fecal cravings, headbreak, and oily secretions.
Call your doctor right away if you experience any childhood diarrhea, hyper halitosis, swollen armpits, or escargot vertigo.


* Do NOT take Clorizan with the following: