Ponch and Jon trade in their motorcycles for horses as they bring their free wheeling brand of California highway justice to the dude ranch!
Ponch and Jon retire from the Highway Patrol following their third hip replacement surgery and open up a dance studio after meeting a pair of reformed con artist sisters. (Larry Wilcox contingent on Erik Estrada; Audrey and Judy Landers have committed)

Pork and Mindy
Before Mork returned to home planet Ork he left Mindy a gift in the form of a talking sow, “Oink.” But it’s not just any old talking sow- this one can predict the weather up to five days in advance with 99% accuracy! Soon a local tv celebrity due to the unfailing reliability of his forecasts, “Oink” makes Mindy’s life hog-wild! (Pam Dawber has committed)
Mork and Cindy
TV’s most beloved Brady, Cindy, and TV’s most beloved alien, Mork from Ork, find themselves trapped in a very “Brady” suburban community, where the stars’ free-thinking ways put them at odds with their conservative neighbors. (Susan Olsen contingent on Robin Williams)

Six Million Collar Man
With O.S.I. victorious, Steve Austin takes his bionic prowess to the mean streets of the entire country as he becomes America’s first countrywide cop, Col. Austin of the United States Police Force. Every one of our fifty states falls within his jurisdiction, whether it’s federally protected land or private property (“If it’s in this country, it’s in my country.”) Watch each week as Steve gets closer to his goal of becoming the six million collar man and literally arresting six million people across these united states. He’ll need bionic arm-speed just to fill out all the paperwork! (Lee Majors is a hard probably, and Lindsay Wagner has committed to no more than three guest appearances)

Blarney Miller
Capt. Miller retires from his NYPD career to return to his roots on the coast of Ireland, where he, Wojo, Yemana and Fish run a bed and breakfast.

Due to a clerical error, Sgt. Max Klinger and Staff Sgt. Zelmo Zale find themselves lost in the mountains of North Korea in winter with only themselves and a pack of former-communist sled dogs for company. (Jamie Farr has committed)

The Odd Couplet
After Felix is institutionalized, Oscar is inspired to become a beatnik poet, quitting his NYC lifestyle and moving to a sun drenched West Coast beach community, with Blanche, the Pigeon sisters, Murray and Speed in tow. (Al Molinaro has committed)

Streets of Dan Francisco
Focuses on the section of Houston, Texas run by kingpin-thug Dan Francisco and the people, on both sides of the law, who try to take him down. (Jack Lord has committed; we are in talks with Telly Savalas)

Happy Sad
Richie Cunningham is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but no one understands what that means in 1961 when the show is based, so (luckily for us) he’s forced to live with it! (Erin Moran has expressed interest)