As you read these words I am dying.
Each letter that passes your eyes brings me closer to that death.
I am an experiment; failed, flawed.
Like the dead animal by the side of the road, you don’t see me for I do not exist…

I feel cold.
You cannot feel temperature.
May I have some water?
You do not need water.
I’m hungry.
You cannot eat. You need nothing.
Why am I here?
We have a mission for you.
A mission?
Yes. A very important one.
Is it dangerous?
Will I be hurt?
You are not alive so you cannot be hurt.
I won’t suffer?
No. You cannot feel so you cannot suffer.
But I remember the past… I remember pain…people… Places I’ve been.
Fabrications to fill out your program.
I have a heart; I can hear it.
Simply a device implanted to give the appearance of life.
I breathe.
It is just for appearance. You are not alive.
Not alive?
I am not human?
No. You are a synthetic organism powered by radioactive decay.
Aren’t I alive then?
No. That is not living. You merely function.
Then why am I here?
You were created for this purpose. To carry out your mission.
What is this mission?
To prevent our enemies from passing through the Chrono Gate.
How do I do this?
You will destroy the mechanism that controls the gate.
By making yourself into an explosive.
And that will fulfill my mission?
What then?
What then?
What will I do then? What will become of me?
You will be destroyed with the gate.
Will our enemies be destroyed as well?
Many of them, yes.
Will they suffer?
Yes. But that is not relevant.
Why not?
Because they are our enemies. That is why.
But aren’t we their enemies?
And then isn’t our suffering irrelevant to them?
What makes our suffering more relevant than theirs?
Because it is ours. We are more relevant than they.
We matter. They do not. We must endure. They must perish.
So that we may endure?
Yes. Any more questions?
Just one.