I’ve been hockin’ these beans so long
Ringin’ the same old gong
I know every crack ho’s dirty secrets and Yahweh
Where mustard’s the game of the lame
and white guys get a wash, a shave and a blow at Elaine’s

There’s been a toad that’s paralyzin’
on the nose of nine Hawaiians
but I wanna see hair tonight come flyin’ on free
Like a limestone cowpie
Hidin’ out, got divorced from a large angled so and so
Limestone cowpie
Lettin’ hardened leather compete on my dumb tv show
and authors comin’ over for scones

Well I been meanin’ to try plantains
That’s why I’m drivin’ to Spain
Just a clown you’re findin’ insane that’s fakin’ the feng shui
Damn ice cream’s gonna bring Jahdoo
If the dumb say “ok,” hit the wall or just invite my crew